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Angelo Antonio Rancan il 25 settembre del 1960 ha saputo dare vita ad un'impresa che oggi, grazie alla passione e alla competenza dei figli Dario e Pietro, prosegue il cammino al di sopra della bagarre di un mercato che obbliga le imprese ad affrontare fenomeni in continuo cambiamento. Mentre i progettisti, i computer, i macchinari hi tech svolgono un ruolo vitale,le persone che producono effettivamente un gioiello sono alla fine responsabili di gran parte dei dettagli... Da rancangelo lasciamo tutto in mano all' esperienza dei nostri artigiani, sapendo che condividono la tua percezione della qualità.


Angelo Antonio Rancan on September 25, 1960 was able to give life to a company that today, thanks to the passion and competence of his sons Dario and Pietro, continues the journey above the brawl of a market that forces companies to face phenomena in continuous change. While designers, computers, hi tech machinery play a vital role, the people who actually manufacture a jewel are ultimately responsible for much of the fine details. At rancangelo we leave this in the hand of our experience craftmen knowing that they share your perception of quality

Via dell'industria, 2
36070 Trissino, Vicenza
0445 962061

Codice Etico - Code of Ethics

This Code of Ethics is aimed to all employees, customers, suppliers, external collaborators and all those who act in the name of and on behalf of Rancangelo S.r.l.

Commercial Ethics

  • We are committed in carrying out and conducting our business in strict adherence to the ethical standards, ensuring integrity, transparency and compliance with the existing laws.
  • We don’t practice corruption.
  • We do not tolerate money laundering and/or terrorist financing.
  • We are committed to disclosing in full and in detail the characteristics of the precious metals we sell.
  • We take appropriate measures to ensure the integrity and safety of product shipments;
  • We are committed to respecting the principles of confidentiality and protection of confidential data.
  • We exercise the utmost vigilance on the supply chain.
  • We are committed to guaranteeing product safety measures within the factory and during shipments, to prevent theft, damage or replacements.
  • We are committed to maintaining safety and well-being of employees, visitors, customers and suppliers.

Social Ethics

  • We believe and are committed to respecting the fundamental human rights and the individual dignity according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights establishes by the United Nations.
  • We do not tolerate the use of child labour.
  • We commit ourselves not to resort to any form of forced labour and not to restrict the freedom of movement of our employees and subordinates.
  • We are committed to ensuring and improving health and safety standards in our factory and in our business.
  • We undertake not to make any discrimination based on race, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, trade union membership, pregnancy, political affiliation, marital status, physical appearance, age, in order to give people equal opportunities without discrimination based on factors unrelated to their ability to perform the intended task.
  • We are committed to not practicing corporal punishment under any circumstances and to prohibiting the use of degrading treatment, harassment, abuse, coercion or intimidation in any form.
  • We are committed to defining a procedure for the management of disciplinary disputes about inappropriate behaviour, based on what is defined by RJC/COP provision.
  • We undertake to comply with current legislation, in terms of working hours and remuneration, and in the absence of such legal requirements, to adopt the prevailing standards in the sector.
  • We are committed to supporting the development of the communities in which we operate, contributing to economic and social well-being.

Environmental ethics

  • We commit ourselves to eliminate or in any case to reduce the use of toxic substances in the production phases, to minimize the impact on the environment, to dispose of the waste we produce in a responsible manner and in accordance with the regulations in force.
  • We are committed to an efficient use of energy and water.

Any possible violation of the present Ethical Code might be taken as non-fulfilment of the assumed contract obligations, to break down any contract or designation.

Sostenibilità - Sustainability

Rancangelo da sempre adotta alti standard etici nell'approvvigionamento dell’oro, platino, diamanti e gemme, garantendo al cliente finale un prodotto unico, controllato e certificato, con alto valore etico e ad impatto “zero” sugli ecosistemi. I gioielli Rancangelo sono realizzati completamente a mano con la passione per la cura dei dettagli che rendono esclusivo ogni singolo gioiello.

Rancangelo, ever since its beginning, embraced and and always complied with high ethical standards in the supply of gold, platinum, diamonds and gems, guaranteeing its customers unique, tested and certified products, with high ethical value and zero impact on the ecosystem. Rancangelo jewels are entirely made by hand with a keen eye to detail which makes every single jewel exclusive.

    Politica RJC (Italiano)

    RANCANGELO SRL ha svolto la dovuta diligenza nei confronti dei propri portatori di interessi al fine di verificare eventuali deviazioni dalle linee guida dell'OCSE ed inoltre non sono stati rilevati rischi per i diritti umani. Le transazioni considerate sono a basso rischio e le verifiche effettuate sono conformi ai principi RJC. Ultima verifica effettuata il 25/07/22.

    RANCANGELO Srl informa tutte le parti interessate che possono effettuare segnalazioni o reclami in merito ai requisiti RJC scrivendo a: amministrazione@rancangelo.com

    RJC Policy (English)

    RANCANGELO SRL has carried out due diligence towards its relevant stakeholders in order to verify any deviation from the OECD guidelines and no risks concerning human rights have been detected. The transactions considered are low risk and the verifications carried out comply with the RJC principles. Last check carried out on 25/07/22.

    RANCANGELO Srl informs all interested parties that can make complaints about the RJC requirements by writing to: amministrazione@rancangelo.com